MFF Establishes Fourth New School in India

In addition to its previous collaborations to form the Bhupat and Jyoti School of Biosciences with the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, the Mehta Family Center for Engineering with the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, and the Mehta Family School for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence with the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, the Bhupat & Jyoti Mehta Family Foundation (MFF) has partnered with the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR) to create a new Mehta Family School of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

A virtual MOU signing ceremony, held on Monday, September 27, 2021, was attended by such special guests as Professor K. VijayRaghavan FRS, Principal Scientific Advisor of the Government of India; and Professor Sandeep Verma, Secretary of Science and Engineering Board for the Government of India.

In addition to providing Indian students with opportunities to undertake new fields of study, interact with international thought leaders, and pursue impactful careers, the Mehta Family School of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at IITR, like MFF’s other collaborations in India, is distinct for the following reasons:

  • The school will directly benefit from the guidance and wisdom of the MFF CARE team. MMF CARE advisors Dr. Ananth Grama, Dr. Rajesh Gupta, and Dr. Shankar Subramaniam, all experts in artificial intelligence, have committed their time and talent to help the school build a world-class program. They will assist in curriculum development, faculty recruiting, joint supervision of research students, and other academic issues.
  • The school will offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at inception. The  interdisciplinary curriculum designed for this new emerging field will include a grounding in mathematics, computer science, and artificial intelligence. There will also be strong focus on domain solutions.
  • A funded scholarship and exchange program and chair professorships will provide students and faculty with additional exposure to and experience at US institutions.

MFF is proud to sponsor another unique program for India and to continue its commitment to creating new talent, new opportunities, and new solutions for solving today’s societal problems through global collaboration.

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