The Mehta Family School of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (Guwahati)

The Bhupat & Jyoti Mehta Family Foundation (MFF) and the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IIT Guwahati) formed the Mehta Family School of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to explore the uses of data science and artificial intelligence to solve societal problems. The global collaboration ushers in new opportunities for Indian students in these emerging areas of study.

Data science combines aspects of many different fields, including computer science, math, statistics, and advanced analytics, to extract knowledge and actionable insights from digital information. Just as computers changed the world in the 20th century, data science and artificial intelligence are changing the world in the 21st century. Current and future research opportunities in these fields include:

  • improving disease diagnosis and treatment in healthcare
  • making education more accessible and individualized for students
  • developing new land- and water-management practices to protect these natural resources
  • devising new solutions to address the impacts of climate change
  • increasing passenger safety and reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions
  • identifying and responding to potential security threats

IIT Guwahati professor R. Bhattacharjee leads the Mehta Family School of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. The school’s curriculum, which combines state-of-the-art teaching, research, and technology development in frontier areas of data science and artificial intelligence, provides students with a strong theoretical foundation and emphasize areas of interdisciplinary application.

Professors Shankar Subramaniam and Rajesh Gupta at the University of California at San Diego and Professor Ananth Grama at Purdue University serve IIT Guwahati in a consultative capacity. As MFF CARE advisors, these distinguished scholars provide time and expertise to the school and help to oversee research activities. The school’s arrangement represents the first of its kind in India.

By acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to use “big data,” develop intelligent systems, and explore new frontiers in artificial intelligence, students of the Mehta Family School of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are part of a profound transformation taking place in all sectors of business and industry. Data science and artificial intelligence promise to tackle some of the world’s most pressing social issues, stimulate economic growth, and enhance quality of life.  

Currently, more than 7,000 undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students attend IIT Guwahati, which has eleven academic departments and five interdisciplinary centers. By 2027, IIT Guwahati projects that undergraduate enrollment in the Mehta Family School of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence will increase by 200 percent, graduate enrollment by 50 percent, and doctoral enrollment by 75 percent.

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