Collaborative for Academic Research and Excellence (CARE)

The Bhupat & Jyoti Mehta Family Foundation (MFF) and the MFF Collaborative for Academic and Research Excellence (MFF CARE) grow intellectual talent in India by creating in new schools and degree programs in emerging fields of technology and by connecting international faculty and subject-matter experts with Indian academic institutions.

MFF CARE consists of nearly a dozen esteemed faculty members from respected international universities. With direct expertise in emerging technological fields and in creating academic programs, MFF CARE advisors guide Indian academic institutions through the process of developing new schools and degree programs by

  • sharing their experience in building departments and institutions.
  • assisting in curriculum design and faculty recruitment.
  • providing mentorships to students and faculty.
  • suggesting ideas for new research projects and papers.
  • conducting seminars, workshops, and lectures.
  • leading joint research programs.
  • supporting the MFF student and faculty exchange programs.

MFF CARE advisors not only facilitate the rapid and successful implementation of new schools and degree programs but also assist in refining curriculum after launch to position students and faculty for the greatest success.