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Faculty Exchange between Institutions

Through its relationship with industry-leading university scholars, the Bhupat & Jyoti Mehta Family Foundation (MFF) facilitates the exchange of knowledge between international faculty and faculty of Indian academic institutions. During the exchange period, visiting faculty might teach seminars or courses, conduct forums, or provide guest lectures. The faculty exchange program includes

  • MFF CARE advisor visits: An MFF CARE advisor is encouraged to visit an Indian institution’s new program annually. These visits enable MFF CARE advisors to spend productive time with students and faculty at Indian institutes. Each MFF CARE advisor provides guidance on curriculum, faculty recruitment, research, instructional collaboration, and more.
  • Speaker Series: This speaker series brings international scholars who are experts in emerging technologies to Indian institutes. The speaker series introduces students and faculty to new ideas and areas of study and research, and it offers opportunities for collaboration with other researchers.

MFF supports the associated expenses for these activities, such as boarding, lodging, and local transport. MFF also works with faculty and the hosting Indian institution to ensure that visiting scholars use their time optimally to advance the missions of the hosting institutions.