Our Mission and Vision

The Bhupat & Joyti Mehta Family Foundation’s mission is
clear.  We are striving to expand and improve the talent and research base in India.  It is clear we are in a time of great technological advances.  New knowledge is being generated at a pace never before experience in human history.

Creating new understanding is one part of the mission.  But perhaps more important is the application of that knowledge to impact individuals and society.  To that end, we must have human capital trained in understanding these new fields.  With understanding comes innovation and creation.

This process at its terminus will improve the world.

Since the first days of the Foundation, the guiding theme is education is economic development.

In today’s world it is more than education.  It is gaining a collaborative understanding of new fields.  Knowledge that can only generate innovation in the context of a network of knowledge.

To that end our mission is to expand knowledge through global collaborations.  As new understandings are discovered, we strive to find the connections necessary to apply and find innovative solutions the world’s challenges

We see the opportunity to build these fields and bring them to bear on problems specific to India.

By bringing leading academics, researchers, and practitioners together we will explore and expand human understanding.