MFF Announces Rebranding

The Bhupat & Jyoti Mehta Family Foundation (MFF) has updated its branding and marketing and will now deploy its new logo and branding assets exclusively.

“The foundation I created twenty years ago with my siblings Jainesh, Nisha, and Dharmesh has evolved and is now dedicated to improving educational outcomes in India through a global collaboration among elite scholars and academic administrators,” MFF founder Rahul Mehta said. “Our new website and branding reflects our evolution.”

The new website will focus on MFF’s mission of expanding knowledge through global collaborations. In this spirit, the new logo’s overlapping hexagons are meant to symbolize the creation of something new through collaboration, and the  the colors from India’s national flag represent the transformational power specific to India.

MFF has supported worldwide initiatives to improve access to education and quality of life since 2001. MFF actively works with Indian academic institutions to improve educational opportunities and economic outcomes for individuals and society. This is accomplished with the help of MFF CARE, which provides direct guidance to Indian academic institutions throughout the process of infrastructure development, curriculum design, and faculty recruitment. MFF CARE advisors share their experience, knowledge, and leadership in a variety of engagement opportunities to ensure the rapid and successful development of new schools and degree programs.