Construction: Mehta Family Center for Engineering in Medicine

Picture showing building structure construction
Photo showing floor construction.
Plane view showing ground floor layout.

Construction is well underway for the Mehta Family Center for Engineering in Medicine building.  This is being constructed on the India Institute of Technology Kanpur’s campus.  It will house the classrooms, offices, and laboratories used to apply engineering development to medical devices.

The work here will have a profound effect on healthcare generally but also for health delivery in India’s underserved populations.

This new field envisions creating cost effective and targeted devices useable in difficult areas.  For example, environments with limited or no cold chains.  Places with low bandwidth data capabilities or limited access to power.  Further developments include medical implants and prosthetics designed to be self monitoring and reporting.

There is more activity underway in addition to this construction.  A building is only a container.  The people inside are the drivers of innovation.  Hiring and training is already underway.