Expanding knowledge through global academic collaboration.

The mission of the Bhupat & Jyoti Mehta Family Foundation (MFF) is to grow intellectual talent in India in emerging fields of technology. MFF advances this mission by building collaborative relationships between leading international faculty and Indian academic institutions and by creating new schools and degree programs in such fields as data science, artificial intelligence, biosciences, and biomedical engineering.

5 IITs
MFF works with 5 Indian Institutes of Technology across the country.
6 Schools in Data & Health Sciences
1,400 Students
MFF supports undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students.
800 Undergraduates
MFF provides undergraduate students with unique, educational opportunities.
600 PhD Students
MFF provides PhD students with research opportunities that enhance their studies.
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Academic Programs

MFF currently supports 6 academic programs which were developed by our CARE Advisors.
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CARE Advisors

Academic programs are supported by international faculty who are are part of the Collaborative for Academic and Research Excellence (CARE) Team.
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Our Process

CARE Advisors focus on seven distinct elements of collaboration to ensure academic programs are developed successfully.
Our Elements of Collaboration