Mehta Family School of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
at IIT Palakkad

In July 2024, the Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad announced the establishment of the Mehta Family School of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DS&AI). The school will operate in a cutting-edge facility designed to meet the academic and research needs of the disciplines. The school offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs, providing invaluable experiences to students poised to solve some of today’s most pressing problems. MFF projects that the school will produce an impressive number of graduates over its first five years: 200 B. Techs, 240 M. Techs, 25 Masters, and 40 Ph.D.s. The school plans to award more than 100 dual degrees combining the critical competencies of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence with additional fields of study. In addition, the school also plans to confer over 230 executive certifications that will equip professionals with the most up-to-date knowledge and tools with regards to data science and AI.

Data Science

Students today have vast amounts of data available to them. Fortunately,  they also have the greatest capacity to capture, analyze, and utilize that data to create products and services that can address worldwide concerns such as air pollution, climate change, and poverty. Data Science applied to marketing improves dynamic pricing for businesses. Data Science can also become a tool for coaches to analyze their opponents before a big game. But it doesn’t stop there. Data Science also makes better matches between organ donors and those who need transplants. The possibilities continue to expand as we explore the various ways Data Science can enhance our ever-evolving world.

Artificial Intelligence

No one today would argue the value of scientific instruments such as the microscope or telescope. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another such tool, expanding possibilities in every scholastic field, bringing prosperity to myriad fronts: serving industrial as well as humanitarian needs. AI enables scientists to analyze existing data and literature–without bias–in a matter of seconds. Thus life-saving vaccines and treatments are being discovered and prepared to go into clinical trials years earlier, potentially saving countless lives. A greater understanding of endangered animals and how they communicate becomes possible through the use of AI, potentially saving entire species from extinction. Beyond our own world, AI gives new insights into the formation of galaxies that can help us better comprehend our planet and the universe at large. These examples merely scratch the surface of the interdisciplinary work made possible through AI. Innovation is inevitable as the boundaries between various fields of study are blurred thanks to the indispensable tool of Artificial Intelligence.


Narayanan (CK) C Krishnan

Professor Narayanan Chatapuram Krishnan 

Head of School — Mehta Family Center for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Professors Ananth Grama, Shankar Subramaniam, and Rajesh Gupta

MFF CARE Advisors for IIT Palakkad

Palakkad is idyllically located in an historic and vibrant region of the state of Kerala. It is known as the granary of Kerala. Perfectly situated as the gateway to the state from the north, the Palakkad Gap is nestled in the beautiful Western Ghats mountains. The city of Palakkad is steeped with rich traditions, significant history, and breathtaking scenery that includes rainforests, a centuries-old fort, a dam-garden, and exotic Palmyra trees. 

It is a marketplace for grain, tobacco, textiles, and timber. Industries in Palakkad include tobacco processing, rice milling, weaving, and light manufacturing. The Palakkad Gap has been a crucial geographic wonder that has played a pivotal role in shaping the region’s history for thousands of years.

The Palakkad campus of Indian Institute of Technology (IITPKD) began in 2015, temporarily housed on the picturesque Ahalia Campus. Since that time, IIPKD has seen exponential growth. With 120 students enrolled in July 2015 and a library of 700 books to a population nearing 5000 students and a library with a vast collection surpassing 6000 printed and digital resources, IITPKD embraces its motto: “Nurturing minds for a better world.”

The institution has worked earnestly to put in place structures and systems within a relatively short time that have put IIT Palakkad in a prime position to be a leader in cross-disciplinary research and innovation in the coming years. The institution’s commitment to establish a creative, multidisciplinary institution will continue to be a source of knowledge, a resource for technological advancements, and a haven for policies that will undoubtedly usher in the betterment of humanity. 


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