We are proud to introduce you to the Mehta Family Foundation and hope you’ll take a moment to see what we do and how we seek to make change in the world.

Our family came to the United States more than three decades ago for one purpose: education. Rahul, our eldest brother, immigrated to Houston in 1980 to obtain a computer science degree, something that was not available in our native India at the time, from the University of Houston. Jainesh followed in 1981, seeking a mechanical engineering degree from the same university. In 1984, our eldest sister, Nisha, and youngest brother, Dharmesh, also enrolled at the University of Houston, Nisha as a civil engineering student and Dharmesh to become an electrical engineer.

Our parents, Bhupat and Jyoti Mehta eventually immigrated as well, leaving behind their beloved India to be with us, their four children.

We founded the Bhupat & Jyoti Mehta Family Foundation in 2001 to give back to our homeland of India via educational and research programs. Today, MFF is a GLOBAL COLLABORATION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION.

Having sought our educations abroad, we hope to bring those opportunities directly to our compatriots in India. MFF works with leading scholars and administrators from around the globe to build innovative degree programs and schools. We invite you to get to know the foundation and welcome comments, suggestions, and ideas to further our mission of working with experts worldwide to bring educational opportunities to India. Academic faculty members in particular are invited to inquire about our MFF CARE program.

Thank you for visiting us — Nisha, Rahul, Jainesh, and Dharmesh Mehta