What is...Who are... the CARE Team

The Bhupat & Jyoti Mehta Family Foundation has a very specific mission. The mission is to grow intellectual talent in India. The strategies to support this mission include creating new degree awarding schools in emerging fields.

Many of these new fields are conceptualized internationally. That it leads to another strategy. We must have collaborators from these organizations who can share their experiences and knowledge. They will be invaluable to guiding the growth of new schools, curriculum, research, and hiring.

This is the basis for the creation of the Collaborative for Academic and Research Excellence known as the CARE Team.

Members of CARE Team come from respected international universities. The members will work with selected Indian academic institutes. They work through the processes of creating a new school and degree programs.

A few of the activities of a CARE Team member can include:

  • Sharing their experience building departments and institutions.
  • Assisting in the design of new curriculum.
  • Providing contacts or recommendations for new faculty recruitment.
  • Acting as mentor to students and faculty.
  • Suggesting ideas for new research projects and papers.
  • Conducting seminars, workshops, or lectures.
  • Provide leadership to joint research programs.
  • Supporting student and faculty exchange programs.
  • Other support as the member wishes.

The support from this team is indispensable to facilitate the implementation of these new schools. Their expertise and experiences ensure rapid and quality development of essential skills needed in India.