Help Our Education Mission

We hope you are excited about making an impact that will be felt for generations to come. The Mehta Family Foundation is extending an invitation to leading minds like you to participate in a unique opportunity to enhance the engineering skills of Indian institutions.

Your expertise and contribution will go a long way in fulfilling our mission to support Indian institutions and enhance their engineering skills. During your visit, you will have the chance to interact with students, conduct seminars, teach classes, and assist with research projects. We are committed to matching you with an Indian institute that specializes in your area of expertise, and they will provide you with all the necessary support during your stay.

Rest assured that we will cover your reasonable travel and business expenses. And if you cannot devote the time to travel, you can still be part of our mission by volunteering to conduct online lectures on topics of interest to the programs.

If you are unable to spend time in India, we also need you to be part of our virtual lecture series.  We need your knowledge for our lectures.  Your talent would be used to help an audience of researchers and graduate students in your specialty.  You can note this in the check boxes below.

We urge you to indicate your interest in this opportunity by filling out the form provided. We will then reach out to you to discuss the program further. We appreciate your willingness to contribute your time and skills to this important undertaking.

Let us work together to create a positive impact that future generations will be proud of!