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World Class Infrastructure

THE Bhupat & Jyoti Mehta Family Foundation (MFF) works with leading academics and business strategists to provide new degree programs with the world-class infrastructure needed for students, faculty, and visitors to thrive. MFF gives colleges and universities in developing countries access to high performance computing hardware and software, among the other resources required to create opportunity through STEM education.

MFF has developed detailed budgeting strategies to construct the necessary space for schools and new degree programs. Working with the MFF CARE team, the foundation offers funding and planning for all research facilities, classrooms, laboratories, and more.

Drawing on its significant experience in designing new schools and degree programs, MFF schedules its funding provisions based on specific construction milestones and timelines. The foundation strives to make every building it supports world-class in fit and finish—equal to the cutting-edge research and scholarship conducted within.

MFF funds can be used to upgrade academic spaces beyond government standards where necessary. Excess funds are used for exchange scholarships and professorships.