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Joint Research Projects

The Bhupat & Jyoti Mehta Family Foundation (MFF) facilitates global research between leading academics the world over and Indian institutions. Through the MFF CARE network, the foundation is able to bring together researchers who might never have found one another, creating opportunities to produce unique, groundbreaking work.

The long term vision of the MFF research network is to bring together not only active professors at research institutions, but also to open doors to graduate students and post-doctoral candidates. The engagement model offers unique benefits to Indian universities while giving professors from around the world a chance to grow their own perspectives and research agendas.

In a world where academics in countries like India rarely have the opportunity to work with researchers in the United States and beyond, the MFF research model aims to open new doors through collaboration and refine untapped talent among aspiring scholars. MFF seeks to be a catalyst for this innovative research model.